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Hi There!
Oh goodness, I have tried to write this post so many times, and struggled so much. First, I want to explain a few things:

High School/Mental Health

High school is taking up my time. I have been taken over by the beasts named “homework” and “assignments” and “procrastination”. My time management skills are terrible, and I am really bad at getting things done. When I’m supposed to be doing homework, I decide to waste my time online or reading or drawing or whatever else I do.

Other stuff is taking up my time. I am dealing with problems with my anxiety disorder again, and I have been feeling anxious and depressed moods. I’ve struggled to sleep at night, and I am also getting braces, preparing for a piano exam and seeing a physiatrist. I never know how a day will go for me anymore, it may start off well but then completely change.


I still want to blog. I am still going to blog, but I am just moving to a different platform, WordPress, since my blogs aren’t related to school or education anymore. I will leave links at the end of this post.

My posts aren’t always going to be “polished” and “perfect”. When blogging, I keep thinking that my posts always have to have a picture and need to be “perfect”. I’m going to try and just post content, polished or not, since life is messy, and I need to accept that. You may not see this through my many layers of messiness, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the “big picture”. I want my life to be perfect. Perfect room, health, schedule, marks, ect. I know I will never get this, and it hurts to think about it, but I just need to accept it.

My content will mostly stay the same. I hope to post writing, artworks, sketches, maybe some posts on my opinions, and yes, there will be some “fangirly” stuff on my blog, so if you don’t like that, that’s fine. You don’t have to read it. But I am allowed to post whatever content I please, as long as it is not rude, and doesn’t put anyone (including myself)’s privacy or safety at risk. Oh, and book/movie/tv reviews/rants (not of the rude kind, I promise!)



You may recall my story last year, Fallen Leaves. Well, I am still in love with the main characters (or OC’s/original characters) in that story, Trinity and Holly. I’ve decided to re-write it on Wattpad, since I’m developing a better plot which has a lot more complications, messier endings and is more interesting (I hope). I want to make Trinity less of a Mary Sue (perfect) and Holly a more likeable character. Also, there are new characters! I still need to flesh out their backstories, but they include a girl named Amber Jones (I hope to make her really interesting, I’ve got a lot of ideas of what to do with her), and a tribe leader named Berry. Also, there is Rubia, who I can’t reveal too much about, but she’s going to go through a lot of struggles in the story.

More about my story, there will be more emphasis on mental health struggles. Trinity has GAD and depression, and Holly has social anxiety, which she copes with through hiding her true self and building this “persona” which is a really sarcastic, deadpan, quiet person, which seems really two-dimensional. I really have put a lot of my personal traits in to these characters (my GAD, trying to fit in and hide my emotions, my really bad temper, even my ethnicity, Holly has Mediterranean heritage like me.) .

Fallen Leaves is also being renamed to “We Called it Art”.

Fandoms (and all that jazz)

peridot-blog-ready peridot-sketches-blog-ready

More of a life update, but I’ve really (and I mean really) become invested in this cartoon called “Steven Universe”. It is amazing, I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s about this child (called Steven Universe) who’s mother, Rose Quartz, was a leader of a rebellion to save earth. She was apart of an alien species called gems who were trying to destroy earth, so she rebelled and saved earth. She then had a child with a human man and had to give up her body up to give birth to him. (The gems have a gemstone, which is the core of the being, and the rest of them is just light with mass) So, the main character of the show, Steven, is nothing like anything anyone has seen before because he is the first gem/human hybrid. His mother’s friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, have to take care of him as he grows up, and it is this really beautiful story about this child growing up and learning more about himself and his abilities. The gems have some really cool powers, and despite the simple, bright aesthetic of the show, it can get really deep and dark. Apparently it’s a lot like an anime, but I don’t watch a lot of anime, so I wouldn’t know.

This show is really good, and there is too much in the plot to summarise here. But, I will say that my favorite characters are Amethyst, Peridot and Connie (images in that order), but all the characters are amazing. I can really relate to Steven as the main character, never fitting in to one place and being a little quirky and offbeat. (I can really relate to these four characters the most, Amethyst having internal conflict about her self worth and abilities, Peridot trying to discover herself and understand earth better, along with being such a fangirl and geek, and Connie being a really big reader and geek.)


(All pictures from the Steven Universe wikia.)

I’m still a warriors fangirl, and I’m live-reading the new series. I am waiting for the package with the new book to arrive! EEEE!

I’m trying to get in to more things too, such as Avatar and anime.


My art style has really changed over the past few years. It’s become a lot more cartoony this year when I draw fanart. Steven Universe has definitely influenced my style, changing how I draw mouths and sometimes noses. My eyes have changed though, and have a more Disney or Dreamworks influence. This year I have taught myself how to use watercolours, which is a medium I really do enjoy.


That was a long post, but I think that there was a lot which happened over that long gap. I do have some advice for beginning bloggers though. Don’t let anyone else try to tell you what you can or can’t post. If you want to post fanart, post fanart. If you want to write about fashion, then do it! If you want to talk about mechanics, then JUST DO IT! I encourage you to talk about your passions, if people don’t like it, then that’s their problem. If people tell you not to talk about your passions, then that says more about the person saying that. Don’t always compare yourself to more accomplished bloggers, just do what you want with your blog. If they are more accomplished, then that’s because they have had more time to develop a blog and a specific style. That being said, looking at other blogs for inspiration is fine! In fact, it can be really helpful sometimes. Also, don’t pressure yourself to follow a schedule if you can’t or don’t want to. If you are blogging just for fun, then just post whenever you feel like it. That being said, when you feel comfortable, if you really want to, you can create a schedule. Some people have to post on a schedule, since it’s their job, but if it is just a hobby, don’t pressure yourself, have fun!

That’s it. That was a lot. This is really  Well, I’ll leave my links below. Bye!


My new blog – https://ohhellogeorgia.wordpress.com/

My theories/analysis blog – https://bluejaymakestheories.wordpress.com/

Wattpad Account – https://www.wattpad.com/user/bluejaythemystic

We Called it Art (a work in progress) – https://www.wattpad.com/story/82516064-we-called-it-art

Life Update + DIY!

Hello World,

I thought I would share an update from me since I haven’t posted in over TWO months. Can you believe it? Arg, high school is a big adjustment, and I think I am still adjusting, even after nearly a term.

I am doing alright at school, I am trying to stay on top of assessments and I am trying to achieve the best I can. I have done pretty well on my assessments, but I can be pretty hard on myself. I am going to try to understand why I received the mark/grade that I received, and use that to understand where I could have improved, and I am making sure that I am prepared. I need to get into the habit of it early on…

I like most of my classes, especially art and history and science. I am not fond of tech (at least not this term), and I am not fond PDH and maths at this stage, although, speaking of which, some pretty weird stuff can happen in maths class with my teacher, he always has a surprise up his sleeve and a couple of maths puns and jokes (I now use one to remember a rule about positive and negative numbers…).

I have been pretty busy, and I have been struggling to find something to post about since I am a perfectionist. I am not putting it off any longer, I am using what I have, despite missing the footage for the video I had planned.

A little while back I got a teal planner from Kikki K in the medium size on sale for half price! I am loving this planner, it is a great size, and there is room to decorate, even though it is not the size of a full on personal planner such as the Erin Condren Life Planner or the Happy Planner. I am thinking of making custom pages for next year, since there is a gold clip in the middle to add and remove pages, and I can tailor the pages to suit my needs. I will post some “Plan with Me” posts and videos on here, and possibly review some more stationery products and make some diys for my planner.

Today, on Easter Saturday I will post later some last minute Easter diys for your family or friends, hopefully I could post these really cute ideas I have! On Monday I hope to post a plan with me for that week, it may or may not be posted, I cannot guarantee anything.

Anyway, I thought I would post something to keep me going, keep me motivated. Here is my diy now…
Photo on 25-03-2016 at 9.27 PM
Grab a palm card and cut notches into it to place in your journal.

Photo on 25-03-2016 at 9.28 PM \
Check it fits in your planner.

Photo on 25-03-2016 at 9.31 PM #3
Draw a naughts and crosses board on the bottom, cover with clear tape and put a bit of washi tape at the top to make a washi sampler (this idea I got from a youtube video) and a dry erase naughts and crosses game (I thought of this by myself.)

Photo on 25-03-2016 at 9.44 PM

I cut out the bottom wedge because I messed it up.


I will do more of these type of things in the future.

Until next time,





First Days of High School + Weekend

Thursday – Thursday was amazing! It was full of new PC groups, timetables, House Music Drama, trying to match up classes, getting new lockers, evil combination locks (not so amazing… I didn’t get mine until Friday), complete and utter exhaustion, meeting new people, saying hi to people who had returned, assembly and chapel and trying to avoid spilling my lunch…

Friday – Evil locks starting to become less evil, yay!(yet still not working at times…), being late for “classes”(we don’t start the real classes until tomorrow) and House Music Drama (thanks evil lock), two girls going crazy over chocolate in PC time, funny dances in House Music Drama, ICT orientation programs, after school cricket practice and total exhaustion.

Saturday – Sleep. Zzzzzz… Ok, not the whole time, because of my first cricket game of the season. Two lessons learned, first, if you keep trying to hit the ball, you will eventually actually hit one and score a run (I scored a run, and I am a beginner! Yay!), second of all, if you are wicket keeping, request for more padding (I was wicket keeping, and I was hit in the arm, and we were using a hard cricket ball, and I couldn’t swap positions. Also, the crouching hurts. But it was really fun. We didn’t win, because were playing a team who had won a previous season, but we were very close, despite being a new team.

Sunday – Going to dinner with my good friend for her birthday (which was on Saturday), and funny jokes which had stayed in my head from the Mommy and Gracie Show and Adventure Time. You can tell I was crazy then…

Anyway, that is an overview of the past four days. I will keep posted,


Big Fish, Little Fish

Hello World,

Right now I am so excited because in about twelve hours I will be starting high school!

I am getting ready tonight, and I will post about it tomorrow.

Today I purchased some new uniforms we walked through the junior school, and said hi to some of the teachers. Also, my sister (who is in Year 5) tried out some new furniture for the Head of Junior school so that the furniture inspector could check everything is ok in the new Year 5 classrooms (which are really cool, they are like the Year 6 ones, except the colour scheme has greens, reds and blues instead of pinks, blues and purples. The carpet is the same as the Y6 one, except in different colours, and some of the furniture is a tad smaller than the Year 6 furniture. Also, Dad brought home a box of presents from our cousins (Jemma, if you are reading this, shoutout to you and your family 🙂 ).

That just about sums up my day. I did a couple other things too, and I want to wish good luck to anyone starting school (or high school, for those big fishies becoming little ones!).

My Decorated School Books

Hello World,

This year, as you probably know, I am starting high school, and now I have more freedom on how I decorate my books. In Junior School you either were allowed to cover book in whatever paper you want had to put certain labels on your books and it all had to match, or you had to cover your books in coloured paper which was provided by the school. This year I only had two books which I could cover, my science notebook and my music notebook, so I found some really nice decorative contact at Officeworks. Also, because the folder I have seemed a bit plain (it was plain black all over), I decorated that too. Who doesn’t love decorating things? I can’t cover the rest of my books as they are textbooks (I mean, I could, but I don’t want to), and I want to know which is which. I did a little photoshoot on my bedroom floor, and I am quite happy with the results, despite two of the photos being taken on my phone (it is an iPhone 4S, with the latest software update) and one being taken on my laptop.


Photo on 25-01-2016 at 7.14 PM #2

These books are my science and music books. We did accidentally cover one upside down because the instructions are misleading, but it still looks cool. On the edge of one of them we didn’t cut enough contact, so I covered the edge with some glasses tape (it is not a washi tape, it is a plastic one, but it is a nice quality tape.

This is the binder I customised. I used many different tapes to decorate it, and then my amazing Mum covered it in clear contact to prevent the tape from peeling. Also, the lettering at the top was cut out of the same contact I used to cover my science notebook and my music notebook. I created a template on Canva, and you can download it as a png or a pdf. I used the font Sunday, which is really pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this back to school post, and hopefully more will be on the way.

– Georgia

P.S.. How many times did I say contact in this post? Leave your answer in the comments.